Funds available

The EU co-financing is provided through the ERDF funds.

The project partners from the eligible Regions (Länder) of Germany benefit from the following EU co-financing rates:

  • 50% of the eligible project costs if they are located in Bayern and in Baden-Württemberg;
  • 75%. of the eligible project costs if they are located in Thüringen, Sachsen, Sachsen-Anhalt, Mecklemburg Vorpommern, Brandenburg.
  • The Land of Berlin has a special framework, given its status of Objective one. Phasing out region. Currently the EU co-financing rate for the Berlin Region is 75%, but only for the projects approved until 31st December 2005. From 1 January 2006 on Berlin will not belong to the Objective 1 regions anymore and the EU co-financing rate will therefore be lowered to 50%.

National co-financing
As regards the National co-financing, there is no common instrument available in Germany. Project partners are therefore recommended to address their request for co-funding directly to the sector-/topic-specific authorities (such as ministries, regional governments and others) which might be interested in the project idea.
Thus, it would be useful to involve those authorities in a very early project development stage to meet possible specific requirements. The project partners should consider also the time which is necessary for taking the financial decisions on the side of the chosen co-funding authorities. The decision process might take some weeks, sometimes even months.
Procedures of decision-making and requirements for starting national co-funding depend on the specific co-funding authority. There are NO common rules and procedures for all German authorities in this respect.


First level control


CCP in Germany

Institut für ökologische Raumentwicklung e.V.

Weberplatz 1, D-01217,  Dresden, Germany


Contact persons

Bernd Diehl

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Christa Füger

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Country information

Check the site of the German delegation of the EU Commission (in German).