Funds available

The project partners from Hungary (according to the CADSES programme the whole country territory is eligible) benefit from a EU co-financing rate of 75% of the eligible project costs. The EU co-financing is provided through the ERDF funds.

National co-financing
The National public co-financing funds are available for Hungarian Project partners as of December 2004.
In order to receive these funds, the applicant must fill in an additional application in Hungarian, giving special focus to his share of activities in the project.
This additional application must be submitted to VÁTI around 1 week after the closure of the CADSES call for proposal, attaching a copy of the transnational application.
The National public co-financing available can be up to 12,5% of the Hungarian partner′s budget. The remaining 12,5% must be secured by the Project Partner itself with his own resources.
In the transnational application the Hungarian applicant has in any case to secure the whole 25%, as he does not know yet whether he will get the National public grant or not.
The National application will be assessed in parallel with the CADSES applications; most of the winning partners on transnational level will get the national public co-financing.


First level control

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CCP in Hungary

VATI Public Nonprofit Company for Regional Development and Town Planning

Gellérthegy utca 30-32, 1016 Budapest, Hungary


Contact person

Hegyesi Béla

0036 1 2243274

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Country information

Check the government portal  and the archive of the EU  dedicated to Hungary in the framework of the recent enlargement.