Funds available

The project partners from the Italian eligible regions according to the CADSES programme (Abruzzo, Basilicata, Emilia-Romagna, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Lombardia, Molise, Marche, Puglia, Trentino-Alto Adige, Veneto, Umbria) benefit from a EU co-financing rate of 50% of the eligible project costs. The EU co-financing is provided through the ERDF funds.

National co-financing
The co-financing of the remaining 50% through national sources is regulated by the "Delibere CIPE 67 and 68" of 22 June 2000. They state that the national public co-financing is up to the "Fondo di rotazione" instituted with the Italian law 183/1987.


First level control

The first level control checks all invoices and activities of the project participants and is carried out in relation to each payment request at individual partner level. It is organised at national level. In Italy the first level control is carried out at centralised level by the KPMG, an external company selected by the National Coordinator with an European tender. It covers the 100 % of the total eligible project expenditure.

The KPMG checks the validity and correctness of the procedures and invoices. It has also to verify that the expenditures are in line with the approved application form and related documents and with EC (reg. 1260/1999, 448/2004, 438/2001, 448/2001, 1685/2000, 1145/2003, 1681/1994, 1159/2000 etc.) and national regulations.

As final result the certifying body declares the proper use of funds by the "Certification of expenditures”. In Italy the disbursement of the national pro-rata co-financing can be activated only with the confirmation by the I level auditor, annexed to the payment request presented by the LP.

In particular the KPMG verifies that :

  1. the documents submitted are complete and have been checked for accuracy in contents and accounting terms,
  2. the products and services to be delivered by the above-mentioned project partner have been delivered,
  3. the expenditure claimed has been paid and is supported by receipted invoices or accounting documents of equivalent probative value,
  4. the project complies with the Subsidy contract and the applicable national and Community rules, in particular as regards public procurement, State aid, protection of the environment and equality of opportunity.
  5. the project partner carried out the activities according to the Application form, which is part of the Subsidy contract
  6. the auditing authority/institution mentioned above is independent from the project implementation
  7. the amount of the total eligible costs

In order to facilitate the work of the Italian project partners, the national Coordinator in cooperation with the external auditor, has distributed an accounting manual and related annexes in which procedures to obtain the certifications are explained. Annexes consist of:

  1. a declaration and related tables of accounted incurred expenditure divided also into budget lines and
  2. technical and administrative report.

All these models have to be annexed with a certified copy of the original supporting accounting documents and by documents related to procedures carried out mainly to select service providers.

Here you can download the newly revised documents provided by the CCP Italy and presented at the National Seminar for project partners in Rome on February 16, 2007 :


CCP in Italy

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Country information

Check the site of the Italian delegation  of the European Commission.