Slovak Republic

Funds available

The project partners from Slovakia (according to the CADSES programme the whole country territory is eligible) benefit from a EU co-financing rate of 75% of the eligible project costs. The EU co-financing is provided through the ERDF funds.

National co-financing
In the Slovak republic (SR) the possibility to get the subsidy from the state budget (SB) have only project partners (PP) from public sector and other legal person except business entities.
The private business entities don´t have the possibility to obtain the subsidy from the SB.
The co-financing rates from the SB are following:

Objective 1 Area (whole SR exept Bratislava region)

  • ERDF 75%
  • National co-financing 20% (SB organisations 25%)

Objective 2 Area (Bratislava region)

  • ERDF 50%
  • National co-financing 45% (SB organisations 50%)

According the Strategy of financial management of the Structural funds (SF) in SR, Slovak PP do not get the state budget automatically, but only after submission of „Application for provision of unreturnable state budget subsidy" to the National authority – Ministry of environment of SR.
It is allowed to submit the above mentioned application only after the official approval of AF by Steering Committee and after the signment of Subsidy Contract and Joint Convention at the transnational level.
The preliminary and first level controll on national level is worked out by the Implementation Agency of Environmental Investment projects (department of the ministry).
The assessment of applications on the national level is worked out by selected assessors from all relevant sectors (it means relevant ministries).
On the basis of expert assesment the National Committee reccomends to the minister of environment the approval or rejection of the applications.
After the approval slovak PP signs the „State budget subsidy" with the national authority.
The State budget subsidy is granted according to the decree 859 of 8th September 2004, concerning the financing of projects supported by the Structural Funds.


First level of control

According to Chapter II of Commission Reg. (EC) 438/2001 it is the Member State that is responsible for setting up management and control systems to ensure the sound financial management of the Structural Funds, within the framework of its national legislation.

Depending on different types of national co-funding the first level control according to Article 4 of Reg. (EC) 438/2001 the first level control for INTERREG III B CADSES is in Slovak Republic administrated centrally.

Both in cases national co-funding comes from a public body and from a private body, first level control will be carried out within the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic (MoE SR) the department „Implementation Agency of the Environmental Investment Projects“ according to national and EU law

SR as a member state of the EU is responsible to ensure, that the national authority, which passes off the Certification of expenditure is independent from the project implementation.

Slovak project partners are obligated to inform through Leadpartners the MA, which institution carries out the certification of expenditure.

Download here the Certification of expenditure  foreseen for Slovak Project Partners


CCP in Slovakia

Division of Foreign Aid and EU relations
Department of Programmes Management, Ministry of Environment of SR

Namestie Ludovita Stura 1, 81235 Bratislava, Slovak Republic


Contact persons

Lubos Michalov

+421-2-59 56 2202

+421-2-59 56 2110


Jana Rolinova

+421-2-59 56 2191

+421-2-59 56 2110



Country information

Check the site “Slovakia and the European Union”  (in English and Slovak) and the archive of the EU  dedicated to Slovakia in the framework of the recent enlargement.