Funds available

The project partners from Slovenia (according to the CADSES programme the whole country territory is eligible) benefit from a EU co-financing rate of 75% of the eligible project costs. The EU co-financing is provided through the ERDF funds.

National co-financing
There is a possibility for national co- financing up to 15%. National calls are organised for this purpose.Please contact the relevant national CADSES Contact Point to obtain further information.


First level control

According to Chapter II of Commission Reg. (EC) 438/2001 it is the Member State that is responsible for setting up management and control systems to ensure the sound financial management of the Structural Funds, within the framework of its national legislation.

Any expenditure of a Slovenian project partner has to be certified by the institution in charge of first level control for this particular project. With this certification the institution also takes over the liability for the correct use of ERDF funds and for financial corrections.

Organisation of the First Level Control in Slovenia

Depending on different types of national co-funding the first level control
according to Article 4 of Reg. (EC) 438/2001 apply:

  • In case national co-funding comes from a public body, first level control will be carried out within the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning (MESP) by the first level controller according to national and EU law. The MESP then is liable for ERDF-funds in case of cuts and recourses.
  • In case national co-funding comes from a private body, first level control will be carried out by the private auditor which will be chosen by the project partner according to specific requirements defined by the Member State, represented by the MESP. The costs for private auditor will be part of the total project costs to be co-funded within INTERREG III B programme. It is then according to the rules for private auditors the private auditor who takes over the overall liability for the correctness of operations.

In any case it is the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, Finance service, who certifies vis--vis the Managing and Paying Authority that the respective private auditor is authorised to do so.

MESPE is audited by their internal auditing units and by the Court of audit of the Republic of Slovenia.


CCP in Slovenia

Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning and Energy

Dunajska 21, SI 1000, Ljubljana


Contact person

Tomaz Miklavcic

00386 1 478 70 08

00386 1 478 1 74 26



Country information

Check the site of the European Union (in Slovene) and
the archive of the EU dedicated to Slovenia in the framework of the recent enlargement.