Funds available

The project partners from the Western regions of Ukraine bordering the EU member and accessing countries of the CADSES space (namely the Odesska oblast, Zakarpatska oblast, Lvivska oblast, Volynska oblast, Ivano-Frankivska oblast, Chernivetska oblast) along with partners from Moldova can take part in the fourth call for proposals thanks to the financial provisions of the TACIS CBC programme.

The amount foreseen for Ukraine and Moldova by the TACIS CBC provision equals some 1,5 million €; an additional amount of 3,5 million € could be allocated for both countries in the next weeks, in case the relevant financing agreements are signed before the selection of the projects iof the 4th call for proposals in CADSES.

A National co-financing of 10% of the total eligible project cost per partner is foreseen unless the total cost is above 300.000 € - in this case 25% co-financing of the total cost is forseen. For more information on this topic, please check the Applicants’ Manual.


How to apply

TACISacis CBC funding is now fully integrated into the fourth call for proposals of the CADSES Programme.   Partners from the eligible Ukrainian regions and beneficiary of the TACIS CBC funds can be part of the project partnertship, in the same way as EU Member State partners. The information necessary for the submission of the application form (financial overview, project size, national co-financing, contracting procedures, eligible costs under the external funding instruments, eligible partners) are available in the Applicants’ Manual.

Contracting for TACISacis CBC funds within the CADSES Programme will be undertaken by the following EU Delegation :

Delegation of the European Commission to Ukraine and Belarus
10 Kruhlo-Universytetska St.
UA – 01024 Kyiv, Ukraine
Phone 00380 44 4620010
Fax  00380 44 2302390 / 4620920


CCP in Ukraine

Odessa Regional Investment Promotion Bureau

25 Gagarin avenue, Odessa 65039, Ukraine


Contact person

Sergiy Kalabin

0038 048 7858018

0038 048 7858019



Country information

Should you wish to read more about Ukraine, check the Website of United Nations office in Kyiv  and the UKRAINE country report  written by the European Commission.